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Recollections: Art from The Ames Gallery

For this major exhibition, we are using every available space at the Gallery. We’re delighted to bring you a widely varied selection of items representing the circuitous path that has led us to this day.

drawing by Dwight Mackintosh
Dwight Mackintosh, Two Boys and Two Angels, ND, pencil on paper, 26 x 40"

In our main space, we are displaying an array of works that range from the detailed, fine-line etchings and engravings of Stan Washburn, to the very loose enigmatic “scribbles” of J.B. Murry; drawings with text that run the gamut from the compulsive intricacy of Rizzoli to the undecipherable writing of Dwight Mackintosh, and Weyman Lew’s exuberant figures in contrast to Esther Hamerman’s crowds of tiny people.

drawing by Esther Hamerman
Esther Hamerman: Untitled (City Scene), ND, oil on canvas, 17.5 x 23.5"

Rizzoli, Sayanpeau
A.G. Rizzoli, Irwin Peter Sicotte, Jr., Symbolically Delineated / "The Sayanpeau" 1938, ink on rag paper, 35.25 x 23.5"

Also on view, you’ll find a gallimaufry of items that recall the gallery’s exhibition history. Boxes, bottles, baskets, carvings, quilts, frames and photos... all have a place in our display.

For the run of our Recollections show, and in celebration of this landmark anniversary, we are offering discounts from 10–45% on select items. We look forward to sharing this wide array of items that go to make up The Ames Gallery’s varied history.

Bonnie Grossman