Dorothy Binger


Painitng by Dorothy Binger Dorothy Binger was born in San Francisco, California in 1926. Before becoming an artist, she held a variety of clerical positions. She began painting in the early 1980's, using watercolors, and more recently, acrylics. Many of Binger’s works are embellished with collaged bits and glitter, along with other unconventional materials. The painted figures are enhanced by her unabashed use of ball point pen.

An autobiographical statement written by the artist in cooperation with her brother states, “Colors excite her! There's a special magic in their infinite variations that dazzle her spirits and take hold of her...she sometimes feels she knows the people that inhabit her paintings, but there is no conscious desire to represent anyone...the people in her paintings are players in a spiritual longing for understanding and completion, because this is her quest.”

Binger works in small scale — rarely larger than 12 x 16. In her compact little images she often overlays figure upon figure, disregarding both proportion and perspective. She often clusters her people in apparent interaction and places them in unlikely surroundings: amidst fish, or as pictures within the picture. In 1998 Roberta Smith wrote in The New York Times that Binger “explores women’s social relations always with careful attention to dress and coiffeur.”

Dorothy Binger has been represented by The Ames Gallery since 1993. Her work has consistently drawn an enthusiastic response at The New York Outsider Art Fair.

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