Ned Young

Born 1873, Death year unknown

root carving by Ned YoungNed Young was born in a small town in Vermont. As a boy he drew cartoons and took up woodworking as a hobby. Young played the coronet in the town band but abandoned the horn after rupturing his lung. He was also considered a musical prodigy and at the age of seventeen he went to Boston and became a professional violinist. While playing in orchestras at resort hotels in norther New England, he met his future wife, Effie and taught her to play the cello. They formed their own string ensemble and eventually took up residence in St. Johnsbury where he taught music at an academy.

All the while he continued woodworking, producing accomplished and elaborate pieces. At some point he gave up the violin and became an antique dealer, expertly repairing pieces with broken or missing parts. From 1898 to 1917 he produced a set of carvings from roots he found on the banks of a nearby river.

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