Articulated Figures


The Ames Gallery presents articulated figures whose origins, purposes, and even sizes vary widely. We have figures that are playful — jointed dolls with moveable arms and legs which were made as toys: limberjacks, tumbling figures, and dolls. Also included in our inventory are artist’s models, mannequins, dress forms, santos, and other purposeful figures of artistic merit.

Small, hand-held dolls and toys were often made by parents or grandparents as gifts for their children. Well-loved, these cherished keepsakes have been revived as collectible treasures in today’s folk art market.

The jointed or articulated figure might have been the source of great pleasure both for the maker and for the recipient. The limberjacks or Dancing Dans could be set in motion by the rhythmic tapping of a paddle or board. Other dolls, clothed or not, could be manipulated to fulfill childhood fantasies.

Pull toys, riding toys, rocking horses, miniature house—an array of homemade and handmade animals and figures—have also come our way. These one-of-a-kind items, often well-worn, even “wounded”, retain a charm and character that makes them all the more desirable.

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