Mends & Make-Dos


Wooden Mended BucketThe Ames Gallery began showing mended items in the 1980's with an exhibit we called On the Mend. Our evolvingm collection of mends has included broken, worn and cracked pieces that have been rendered whole again. Stapled china, tin-patched wooden buckets, and wired jugs have been transformed from the commonplace to the extraordinary, by virtue of their creative repair. From darned stockings to brass patched candy pots, the art is in the ingenious, though sometimes awkward, manner in which each object has been made whole.


Make-Do compoteThe same elements that draw us to mends or repairs also attract us to make-dos, although for us there is a distinction between the two. A mend allows an item to continue serving its original purpose, while make-dos are the reuse of a portion of an object for a different purpose. Making a pincushion on the remaining stem of a broken goblet, or a grater out of an old tin coffee pot or can, creates something entirely "new," or different from the salvaged portion of the scrap

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