Quilts & Textiles


Hugged RugThe word “textiles” covers the broad range of quilts, coverlets, rugs, samplers, and more.

Rugs and quilts in particular fit well into The Ames Gallery’s sensibility in a number of ways; they are certainly considered utilitarian American folk art, which is our primary focus. They are also often made of recycled material: bits and scraps of that sleeve or skirt panel that didn’t wear out with the rest of the garment.

We have often made the parallel between quilts and tramp art. Both share a similar vocabulary of salvaged materials cut into geometric shapes, pieced together into patterns, and layered. One could also compare the fineness of the quilting stitches to the fineness of the chip carving on tramp art items.

QuiltQuilts at The Ames Gallery run the gamut from the most finely and intricately sewn New England pieces, to very bold and striking African-American quilts similar to those from Gee’s Bend. Over the years our inventory has included an array of well-known patterns such as “Log Cabin” and “Double Wedding Rings,” “Irish Chain” or “Chinese Fan.”

Our rugs, large and small, are likewise varied. Hooked rugs, coiled rugs, shirred rugs, woven or braided rugs in pictorial or geometric patterns find new homes in folk art collections, both as wall hangings and floor coverings.

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